Tracks of current Atlantic hurricanes

This image shows the current location of all active hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean. It also displays the previous and projected paths of each hurricane, as well as the strength and speed of the hurricane along those paths. In this hurricane tracking plot, the track color indicates the maximum sustained wind at that point in the track. The wind speed can be determined from the scale in the lower left corner of the map. Solid tracks are the past history of the storm, while dotted tracks show the current forecast. The current position of a storm is shown with an arrow indicating the storm's current direction of motion. The arrow is color coded using the maximum sustained wind, just like the track. The numbers along the track (like 17/1500) give the date and time of the data (UT), e.g. 17/1500 is the 17th of the month at 15:00 UT.

Credit: Tom Metcalf, University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy

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