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Activity 5: Rising Waters

Level: grades 5-8, but can be expanded upward in age

Learning Objective: Students will observe what would happen to the Earth if the sea were to rise. They will identify places that flood and compare these places with the locations of night lights over the Earth.

Specific Science Content Standards
  • Properties of matter
  • Populations and ecosystems
  • Structure of the earth system
  • Populations, resources and environments
  • Risks and benefits
  • Geography: mapping, analyzing, predicting spatial data
Earth Update: Cryosphere

Introducing the activity:
Ask students to imagine that they could change sea level and then explain that they are about to have this opportunity. (You may need to demonstrate the software before turning the activity over to the students. Moving the computer hand up or down causes the sea level to rise or fall. Moving the hand left or right causes the earth to spin.)

Activity 5: Rising Waters

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Last Update: December 12, 2001