MediaShow Software

This folder contains downloads to "Media Show" media display software, designed for planetariums but also may be used for flatscreen displays, schools, or theaters. You may download and test for a 30-day free trial. Download the Mac (labeled MAC) or PC (labeled WIN) version as you need, and unzip and extract all files. The full version (without "Mirror" in the name) is for editing and for two-screen theaters - the control screen is different from the display screen. The "mirror" version is for single-screen users, where the projector screen is a clone of the control screen (the control menu is a strip along the top and can be hidden by pressing "D"). If you purchase the full version you also get the mirror version free.

To get more information on the software, go to To order registration keys for paid software or to order, go to the order page.

This software is generally provided as part of the "Discovery Dome" portable planetarium, sold by e-planetarium. You may contact e-planetarium sales at 855-347-2366 (choose 1 for US sales; 3 for foreign sales).

If you already have a registered version installed, you should be able to download and install a newer version without needing a new registration key. Always unzip and install the new version and then MOVE your existing "media" and "buttonsets" folders INTO the new version (see the README files).

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